imgTag 0.3.4


beta build for ff 3.0

This extension gives you the ability to automatically generate xhtml img tags from any image you can view in Firebird, and copies it to the clipboard. I've tested this under Windows and OS X so if it doesn't work, let me know. Works with Firefox 3 (latest ver as of release.)

I created this extension to help me with my photoblog.

0.3.4 Updated to support Firefox 3.0.

0.3.3 Updated to support Firefox 2.0 RC1.

0.3.2 Yet another slipstreamed update, once again Conrad Heiney has helped and everything should work fine in Firefox Thanks again Conrad!

It'd be really nice if Firefox allowed you to do feature detection instead of version numbering for extensions. We've been doing it in JS checks on websites for years. Sure, it's not as easy but there is absolutely no reason for simple extensions like this one to break. If anyone is thinking that I am missing some obvious feature/concept that could help me out - get in touch, I'd love to make this extension futureproof.

0.3.2 A slipstreamed update, Conrad Heiney has helped out by updating the package to work with Firefox 1.5. Great job Conrad!

0.3.2 Paul Pettit helped me out a lot by upgrading the installer code to work with the latest releases of Firefox. Thanks Paul!

0.3.1 Zalew asked for a strict xhtml compliant tags so they're in there.

0.2 dnik pointed out that I'm missing alt and title attributes, so just added those.

0.1 First release.